Groupe Lomar has successfully sold condominiums in South Florida, from Palm Beach to Miami. It primarily acts as the purchaser’s agent to select properties that fit into the criteria of the client in a timely manner. The company initially provides a questionnaire to help identify the client’s wishes.

In most cases the client is located outside the United States. So, the company provides assistance for contract, inspection, title services, and bank financing, if needed, to complete the acquisition. Follow-up services are also offered at no additional charge. These services may include renovations, setting up bank accounts, and other professional services.

Residential Real Estate Brokerage

Purchasers seeking to acquire a new or additional residence or an investment property will receive personal attention throughout the entire buying process. Services include:

  • Cash flow and financing alternatives
  • Acquisition financing that includes securing mortgages with local institutions at no charge to the client
  • Title services, including support in the closing process, to obtain an insurable and marketable title policy
  • Construction and remodeling services that use certified and insured professionals

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Commercial Real Estate & Business Financing

Groupe Lomar works with its clients to arrange debt financing for the acquisition and/or refinancing of income-producing properties, as well as loans to a business in need of purchasing a warehouse, offices, or factories. We offer:

  • Acquisition loans for 80% of the selling price
  • Refinancing of an existing building, up to 100%
  • Expansion and renovation loans with or without an initial acquisition of the property
  • Construction loans that, when fully disbursed, become 25-year, self-amortizing, permanent loans
  • Loans up to a maximum of $5,000,000
  • 25-year term for acquisition or refinancing loans

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Real Estate Development

Groupe Lomar will provide leadership for the end-to-end development of domestic and international projects via a network of worldwide professionals. Services will range from:

  • Selecting and managing the team, i.e., architect, planner, landscape architect, and interior designer.
  • Selecting and managing the on-site construction manager, who will arrange and be responsible for the general contractor
  • Overseeing the entire process for the master plan, including conceptual design and all approvals (government, planning, and zoning)
  • Negotiating and securing debt and equity financing with local and national institutions and private equity firms
  • Developing and leading a sales and marketing center with representative offices, scale model, and project elevations

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Purchase & Sale of Operating Companies

Groupe Lomar works with residents of Canada to purchase an existing business in South Florida. We will work with clients to:

  • Assist in the conduct of due diligence to identify the target company
  • Prepare a Letter of Intent (LOI)
  • Advise on banking and professional support
  • Provide acquisition financing for the building of the business
  • Identify strategic alliances for the business

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